Make Polio History

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35 years ago, polio paralyzed 350,000 children annually. Today, cases have fallen 99.9% thanks to health workers, donors, governments, and partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). But if we don’t keep up our efforts, polio will quickly make a comeback.

We’re asking champions like you to help us call on donors, polio-affected country governments and other global leaders to seize the historic opportunity we have to deliver a polio-free world.

Do you want to make polio history? Here’s how:

Record a 30-second video of yourself using the highlighted script below. Please film your video horizontally with clear lighting and sound. Use any background – from your home, an office, or even outdoors! See an example here.

  1. Tell us what win for humanity has inspired you the most using the following sentence:
    • “For me, [YOUR ANSWER HERE] was one of the biggest wins for humanity.”
      Examples include: the invention of electricity, the discovery of penicillin, the first female head of state in my country

  2. Then, say these lines to help connect this win to polio eradication:
    • “Achieving this wasn’t easy, but making history never is.”
    • “We have the chance to achieve another big win – the eradication of polio.”
    • “It won’t be easy, but we have the tools to ensure no child is paralyzed by polio again.”
    • “Together, let’s make history and end polio today.”


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This campaign will publicly launch on 26 September, four weeks ahead of World Polio Day (24 October). 

Check back in then for shareable social content to make posting easy as we countdown to World Polio Day, as well as to see your video posted alongside other eradication champions! 

If you have any trouble submitting your video, please email us at
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