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Female vaccinators 👩🏻‍⚕️ are polio eradication ⚡️heroes💉! These women in #Pakistan, #Nigeria and all over the world are key to engaging communities, improving health systems and reaching every child with vaccines to #EndPolio for good. [QT: UNICEF healthcare worker video] 

Some 20 million people are walking today who would have been paralyzed by polio if not for efforts to deliver 💉 vaccines to children around the🌎. BUT we’re not done. It’s time to #EndPolio for good. [Insert Children Vaccinated graphic] 

.@Rotary @EndPolioNow started this fight more than 35 years ago. Now, every day, global partners and people around the 🌏 are working towards a healthier, polio-free future. We can’t stop now. With global recommitment we will #EndPolio. [insert GPEI Progress GIF]

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