Hear from Polio Champions

See the different ways supporters from around the world have recently joined the fight for a polio-free world. 

Tournament to #ENDPOL10

In December 2023, in an exhilarating event at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, influential figures from French esports united to battle @P0L_10, a persistent adversary in the FC 24 community and an alias for polio—a wily yet defeatable foe. These competitors successfully “Ended @Pol10” and proved that we can beat polio through collective action. They also brought together other partners in this fight for a polio-free world, like French football club Paris Saint-Germain, polio survivor and Red Bull breakdancer Bboy Junior, and advocacy partners like Rotary and Focus 2030.

Make Polio History Campaign

In 2023, in a countdown to World Polio Day on 24 October, polio champions joined the Make Polio History campaign to call on leaders of polio-affected countries, donors and partners to seize the historic opportunity to deliver a polio-free world. To explore the campaign more, see here.

Soccer Aid

At the June 2023 edition of Soccer Aid for UNICEF in Manchester, United Kingdom, celebrities, fans, and global health leaders came together to raise over US $18M for UNICEF efforts including polio eradication and global immunization. Throughout the training week leading up to the match, Soccer Aid talent including Liam Payne, Eni Aluko and Vicky McClure called for global support for polio eradication efforts, showing that you don’t have to be a health expert to support a polio-free future for children worldwide.

Signing the Scientific Declaration on Polio Eradication

Launched in October 2022, the Scientific Declaration on Polio Eradication sent a powerful message from over 3,2000 global experts about the feasibility of eradication and the urgent need to end polio everywhere.

Penning op-eds

Polio champions have authored a number of op-eds, calling for global support to end polio. Check out a few below!

Polio Eradication Through Innovation

by Walt Orenstein

We know what it’s like to live in fear of polio. We also know how to stop it

by Rose Gana Fomban Leke and Zulfiqar Bhutta

Funding the Polio Eradication Endgame

by Minda Dentler

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