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See below for opportunities to join in and raise your voice on social media for polio eradication! Continue to check back for toolkits with suggested posts, stories, and graphics to amplify and other ways to get involved around key moments.

Celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March! 

Share the below content across your social media channels in celebration of International Women’s Day, highlighting the critical role women play in eradication efforts, the GPEI’s commitment to gender equality, and donor contributions to that goal. 

Relevant Handles and Hashtags

General IWD Tweets

Thank you to the inspiring women who are at the forefront of polio eradication efforts – from lab workers 👩‍🔬 to organizers 📢 to vaccinators 💉. Together, we will #EndPolio. #IWD2024 [Insert GPEI IWD thank you GIF]

Meet the incredible women who are at the ❤️ of the polio program. Thanks to their tireless efforts we will protect every child and #MakePolioHistory. #IWD2024 [Insert UNICEF female health worker video

Stories from the Field

Women health workers in Pakistan have been critical in the country’s fight against polio. Now, @PakFightsPolio is bringing them to the table to help tackle the final hurdles and #MakePolioHistory. #IWD2024 [Insert Dr. Atiya Aabroo’s op-ed]

When Huma Ashraf was a child, she would accompany her mother to distribute life-saving polio vaccines. Today, with her unbreakable spirit, she is continuing this legacy to #EndPolio. #IWD2024 [Insert GPEI webstory]

In the DRC 🇨🇩, digital payment systems are making it easier for women in the polio program to get paid quickly and on time. Through innovations like these, we can better support the women who are going to #MakePolioHistory. #IWD2024  [Insert DRC mobile money video

Thongbotho’s work in the lab is vital to ensuring that every trace of polio in Botswana is stopped in its tracks. Not only is she leading the way to eradication, but she is paving the way forward for women in science. #IWD2024 #EndPolio [Insert WHO AFRO story]

Meet Carla T. Matus! She is a journalist & broadcaster at the National Educational Radio & TV of Mozambique’s Institute of Social Communication (ICS). She prides herself on being one of the voices working to share accurate information about polio vaccines. #WomensDay24 #IWD 💪🏿 [Insert WHO AFRO card ENG/FR]

Meet Dr Yvonga! With her support as @WHO epidemiologist, Madagascar has steadily improved polio campaign quality round after round, and she is ready to protect more children! #WomensDay24 #IWD 💪🏿 [insert WHO AFRO card ENG/FR] 

Meet Mbany Guinard & Nkele Bubouanga! They voice satisfaction on contributing to the vaccination campaign to #MakePolioHistory in Congo, carrying out door-to-door visits, identifying unvaccinated under 5 children. #WomensDay24 #IWD 💪🏿 [insert WHO AFRO card ENG/FR] 

Meet village chief Neli Chimenya! On this International Women´s Day #IWD2024, we mark her efforts to gather families in Namazoma village (Mulanje district, Malawi), to inform them on the need to get the kids vaccinated. #WomensDay24 #IWD 💪🏿 [insert WHO AFRO card ENG/FR] 

Here are some stories that highlight ways in which women are breaking barriers, driving change and inching us closer to a polio-free world wherever they take charge. #IWD2024 [insert WHO EMRO story] 

Amal Jama, who coordinates the polio response in Sudan from the regional programme, has an important message about why women must continue sharing their experiences with each other. Watch this video to hear from her. [insert Amal Jama soundbite] 

Thank You Donors

[insert donor handle] knows that gender equality is critical in the fight to #EndPolio. Thanks to their support, the polio program can continue to invest in the women who are leading the way towards a polio-free future. #IWD2024 #MakePolioHistory 

GPEI Commitment

Thank you to [@ChrisJElias OR @DrTedros OR @jmalbares OR @CaroleLanteri OR Mike McGovern of @Rotary] for helping fight for gender equality and investing in the women who are paving the way towards a polio-free future. #EndPolio #IWD2024 [insert corresponding quote card] 

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